75 Club Rules

Rules and Regulations

75 Privacy Policy

75 Chestnut is committed to ensuring your privacy. The information you share at 75chestnut.com is kept strictly confidential and fully secured. 75chestnut.com is the sole owner of our customer’s personally identifiable information. We do not sell, rent or loan any of this information to any third party. Occasionally, 75 Chestnut will use the information collected for our internal marketing programs.

**75 Chestnut reserves the right to use or disclose any information as needed to satisfy any law, regulation or legal request, in order to cooperate with any law enforcement investigation or in a matter of public safety.

V.I.P Card Rules

This program is both a loyalty program and a gift card/stored value program. Use of the card and/or participation in the program constitutes acceptance of all program rules:

  1. Offer good at 75 Chestnut.
  2. The card is not redeemable for cash.
  3. The card will not be replaced if lost or stolen or used without your permission.
  4. No cost to participate in the 75 Chestnut VIP rewards program. There is no charge to participate when the card is used as a stored value card and an initial amount of $5.00 or more is placed on the card.
  5. Purchases are required to earn points.
  6. Card must be presented at the time of purchase to earn points.
  7. No points will be issued retroactively.
  8. No points from previous loyalty programs can be applied to this program.
  9. You will earn one point for every dollar spent. Every time you use your 75 Chestnut VIP card, your receipt will show the points credited to your account.
  10. Points may be earned only by the 75 Chestnut VIP cardholder that pays the check.
  11. Points will not be issued on the sale of 75 Chestnut VIP Gift cards. Points will only be issued on the redemption of Gift cards.
  12. When you obtain enough points to earn a reward, the reward will automatically be printed on your receipt. You do not need to present a receipt to receive a reward. Rewards are stored by the computer system and are automatically updated.
  13. Rewards are non-transferable, not redeemable for cash, and must be redeemed for the selected items.
  14. Voided items will reduce the points by the voided amount until the point total reached 0.
  15. Points cannot go negative.
  16. Points cannot be transferred between cards.
  17. Points will not be issued on tax paid.
  18. If the program is experiencing technical difficulties, points will continue to accrue, and will be applied to accounts once the program is running again.
  19. Rewards will expire 24 months after issuance.
  20. 75 Chestnut can, at its discretion, modify the program rewards or substitute rewards of comparable value without notice.
  21. 75 Chestnut reserves the right to discontinue this program at any time. In the event that this program is discontinued, members will be allowed to redeem any rewards that they have already been issued, within the stated
  22. 75 Chestnut reserves the right to discontinue membership privileges and void a member’s point balance and rewards if any unauthorized points are earned or redeemed, or there is any unauthorized use of the program.
  23. 75 Chestnut points will expire 24 months after the first day of non-use of the card. 75 Chestnut also reserves the right to discontinue membership privileges and/or void a member’s point balance, if that member’s account has shown no activity for a period of 24 months.
  24. Employees of 75 Chestnut and their immediate families are not eligible to participate.
  25. 75 Chestnut gift cards/ stored value cards may be used at all participating 75 Chestnut retail locations
  26. Once money is placed on the card, it can never be redeemed for cash.
  27. Cash cannot be transferred between cards.
  28. A card cannot have a negative value. Any money needed beyond the amount on the card to pay for a purchase will require another form of payment to be made at the time of purchase.
  29. Any returns or voids for items paid for with a stored value or gift card will have the amount returned directly to the card. No cash will be given.
  30. Gift cards will expire seven years from the date the card is activated, and any dollar value on the card will be voided.
  31. If the program is experiencing technical difficulties, gift card and stored value cards may not be able to be issued or redeemed
  32. Revenue Associated with a private event at 75 Chestnut or 75 Liberty Wharf is not eligible for reward points.